Can I trust the counsellor will keep my personal information Confidential ?

Hebron Counselling will explain their confidentiality policy at the beginning of your assessment.
The elements of your sessions stay private between yourself and the counsellor which is a ‘four wall policy’.
However, counsellors are bound by UK law to break confidence on acts of terrorism and drug trafficking.

What will I have to do at the initial assessment?

The first meeting will be in the form of a getting to know you and how we can work together relationally. Also to discuss the reasons why you are coming to counselling and what you hope to get from it.
This will involve a basic Questionnaire and an explanation of how the sessions work, frequency, costs etc. and an opportunity for you to check that this right for you.

How will I know if counselling is helping me?

The client is usually the best judge in terms of how improvement is perceived, though some of the more common themes are:
I feel less anxious; depressed; stressed; sad; overwhelmed; frightened; angry, suicidal etc.
I can deal better with my problems
I learn to recognise my strengths
I feel like I understand/ like myself better
I now know my feelings were normal emotions and I am not alone
I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel
I can sleep better

In addition to this there will be reviews at various points in the duration of the sessions.

How will talking improve my situation?

Counselling is talking therapy, but it isn’t so much about talking as listening that provides the therapeutic process. It can be difficult to relive traumatic past life experiences. At Hebron counselling we endeavour to allow the client the opportunity to get in touch with their inner self and talking can be the first principle of the process

I’m depressed, can you help?

People of all walks of life come to counselling for help with depression. It is hard to generalise due its complexity as it affects us in different ways. For example following, a bereavement, loss or sudden change in circumstances such as redundancy, or a family crisis. It is natural to feel a sense of anxiety, despair or worthlessness amongst many other emotions. Counselling can be very effective in the area of treatment for depression.

How long will the therapy take?

Normally anywhere between 6 and 10 sessions, although all clients are different, so can be as little or many as required.

I want to change my life, How can you help me?

Yes at Hebron Counselling, we will aim to create the space in our sessions as a safe place where it is OK to ‘be you’ and where you can begin to realise just how you want to change during the process.